Read­ing (and writ­ing too) has gone out of fash­ion! It was final­ly con­firmed this week when a 60-some­thing recip­i­ent of one of my news update emails, rel­a­tive to both our fam­i­lies’ lives, stat­ed “I didn’t have time to read it so I for­ward­ed it to my daugh­ter-in-law”. I won’t tell you how this recip­i­ent spends her days!

Let me point out that one of the top­ics of my email relat­ed to the announce­ment from her that her grand­child was now being home schooled. When we start­ed home edu­cat­ing our sons every­one (my email cor­re­spon­dent above and even my tol­er­ant and lib­er­al father!) poo-poo-ed the idea. Now it’s an excit­ing turn of events?

My point here is that the child being tak­en out of school is being tak­en out because she’s not up to the school’s read­ing stan­dard. She will be 6 years old in two months so I’m not quite sure what ‘the prob­lem’ is at that age! How­ev­er, it is this child’s grand­moth­er who’s not inter­est­ed in……………reading! (Are my emails too wordy, too boring?)

Methinks that there are mul­ti­ple gen­er­a­tions who: just read Mills & Boone (UK romance) nov­els, best sell­ers, they may nev­er even read a book because they get every­thing on their phone or com­put­er news­feeds and most of that is about peo­ple liv­ing in LA, New Jer­sey or Essex (!), or their friend­s’ lat­est Face­book announce­ments. In oth­er words they are only read­ing the same things ‘everyone else’ is reading! 

These same peo­ple also nev­er write any­thing much. How on earth did they get through uni­ver­si­ty? Oh I for­got, they just mem­o­rised every­thing and prob­a­bly passed mul­ti­ple choice tests, dare I say that they pla­gia­rised (?) and they therefore……can’t think! 

I realise I had a vision for my chil­dren when we start­ed our home edu­ca­tion pro­gramme so many years ago (over 27 years ago). My mantra was after­all “nev­er again” — no child of mine was going to endure what I had to endure at school. I knew that they would become good read­ers and capa­ble writ­ers. I also want­ed them to be thinkers, to rea­son things out. A far away dream was ‘maybe they’ll go to uni­ver­si­ty’. I knew that they would get into a uni­ver­si­ty despite being home edu­cat­ed I just didn’t know if their lives would take them there. But they are excel­lent thinkers, read­ers and writers!

It just seems to me that there are sev­er­al gen­er­a­tions that actu­al­ly had no long term vision for their chil­dren and now for their grand­chil­dren. It’s as though they think it all hap­pens by itself. “It’s not my job” is their mantra. 

Like par­ents whose chil­dren are in care not know­ing that if their baby isn’t allowed on the floor in their ear­li­est months – drum roll please: their mobil­i­ty is delayed because their limbs and bod­ies are ren­dered too weak by spend­ing too mnay hours a day on a squishy sur­face or in a con­tain­er – I see it every day!

So that is why chil­dren and their par­ents aren’t read­ing and writ­ing: no vision for the future. And it all starts so ear­ly. Par­ents don’t under­stand the con­nec­tion between mind and body from the ear­li­est days! 

A delayed body = a delayed mind. We’re just so used to ‘delays’ now being the norm.

Not read­ing and writ­ing is now the norm.