If you are a par­ent, par­tic­u­lar­ly of an infant or tod­dler (you still have time to cor­rect any mis­takes in care­giv­ing!) or con­tem­plat­ing becom­ing a par­ent, for­get about all the child­birth or ear­ly years books you think you need and focus on just this book – it fore­casts what will hap­pen to your child if you don’t do your share as a parent!

‘Endan­gered Minds’ by Jane M. Healy Ph.D. says it all!

It was first pub­lished in 1990, so its con­tent is already 20 years old! My paper­back copy was pub­lished in 1999 but the words inside are so very rel­e­vant to today and clear­ly fore­cast the issues I hear about and observe near­ly every sin­gle day and then write about.

It is aston­ish­ing to me that just by casu­al­ly check­ing out the used book store run by the pink ladies at our local, and life sav­ing (for us), hos­pi­tal I should dis­cov­er such a book!

I am not always drawn to best sell­ers unless I feel the author has ‘got it’. Dr. Healy’s book may not have been a best sell­er in its time but it should have been a sen­sa­tion. She real­ly ‘gets it’ and she was/is way ahead of her time with her con­clu­sions in the 20th cen­tu­ry! Same as mine in both the 20th and 21st century!

Read it!