I’ve nev­er put this in writ­ing before — bras real­ly suck!

Since Warn­ers dis­con­tin­ued my favourite bra of the last 10 years or more, I have been strug­gling to keep the last two going.

One Sat­ur­day last month was the big day — and I do mean BIG! Do you know how big and ugly even small-size bras are these days? It’s been many years since I need­ed a pushup bra! I tend towards the con­ser­v­a­tive look now. 

I just want­ed a soft yet under­wired bra, prefer­ably in a nat­ur­al colour, that I could buy at least four of to keep me going. I still don’t know what size I am — caused by weight fluc­tu­a­tions over the past 10 years. That alone was a guess­ing game.

I could have gone to the inde­pen­dent store one of my young friends uses, but do I real­ly want an old lady say­ing “What a love­ly pair” to me? I don’t think so.

With one bra tried on, it felt fair­ly com­fort­able, I made a big deci­sion — three more and I’d be out of there. I made my pur­chase. After a month I’m not sure I got it right — only time will tell. Right after my pur­chase I went off on a trip to see my moth­er in Eng­land, I just had to buy new ones.

If they cause any prob­lems I’ll just go through the try­ing on process yet again. Or maybe, just maybe, I’ll have to see the old lady and get her opin­ion of my ‘pair’!