A 2.5 year old boy rarely has eye con­tact with his car­ers, min­i­mal recep­tive lan­guage, min­i­mal joint atten­tion, sen­so­ry issues (did­n’t like hav­ing a bath), lan­guage is inter­mit­tent — mixed with some bab­ble and not usu­al­ly rel­e­vant except for when demand­ing (scream­ing for) a spe­cif­ic toy or junk food, or his paci­fi­er from his mother. 

Sel­dom eats the food pro­vid­ed for him (by his par­ent) dur­ing his day­care day (where he has spent the last 2 years), fre­quent­ly asks for water although he does­n’t always drink at meal­times when it’s pro­vid­ed, has scream­ing tantrums when things don’t go his own way, fre­quent­ly wakes from his naps scream­ing (night­mares?), was prone to seizures in his sec­ond year requir­ing fair­ly reg­u­lar ER vis­its, tends to be vio­lent in the words he does use (“I hate……”) and in his actions (such as elbow­ing his school ‘friends’ out of his way and pok­ing them with a broom), and is not con­sis­tent­ly coop­er­a­tive in the day­care situation.

What would you think?

I think we have a severe case of mul­ti­ple devel­op­men­tal delays.