All right, I know there are many peo­ple my age and old­er who are com­pe­tent on the com­put­er, and some much younger and less com­pe­tent, but com­pe­tence escapes me at times!

The cries of “it’s log­i­cal” and “it’s com­mon sense” just tend to frus­trate me when lis­ten­ing to my 20 and 30-some­thing sons who are high intu­itive when it comes to computers.

I always thought I had bags of com­mon sense. How­ev­er, there nev­er seems to be a real­ly use­ful aspect of ‘my’ com­mon sense when it comes to me using the com­put­er. The sym­bols fre­quent­ly have no log­ic — to me; when I assume a log­i­cal answer, it’s wrong!

Of course, as I’ve men­tioned on numer­ous occa­sions “I don’t do stress any more”! I feel the stress (and a feel­ing of being real­ly stu­pid and incom­pe­tent; not good when one is also think­ing about job hunt­ing!) welling up inside me and then I just turn away and accept what is.

I am cur­rent­ly try­ing to down­load pho­tos from my dig­i­tal cam­era onto the com­put­er. I can reach the stage of plug­ging it in; I’ve read the hand­book but nothing’s com­ing up ‘logical’ – ‘to me’! 

Like many of the mod­ern con­trap­tions of life – my per­son­al ‘memory stick’ is over­loaded! Or maybe my bat­ter­ies have died! 

Either way I can’t get the pho­tos off my cam­era and I also can’t remem­ber where the spare mem­o­ry stick is that I was giv­en as a Christ­mas present – why isn’t it in the bag with the oth­er presents I am slow­ly using or using up? I’m sure I put it in a ‘safe’ place, but where?

Com­mon sense isn’t com­mon any more; it’s not val­ued. Mem­o­ry is dis­tinct­ly a thing of the past (ha ha!). Old hat if you will. 

I’m just thank­ful I can still type, spell and occa­sion­al­ly post to this blog – the first two of which the younger gen­er­a­tion has a hard time doing and the third is one which my gen­er­a­tion knows lit­tle about! 

Does that put me just slight­ly ahead of most peo­ple? I hope so!

P.S. I found the spare mem­o­ry stick ‘safe­ly’ on the shelf above the com­put­er!! Log­i­cal spot? Maybe!