A tiny baby is left to cry for an hour each evening because “you aren’t sup­posed to feed babies more often than every 4 hours”.

Tod­dlers are locked in their bed­rooms by their parents.

Chil­dren are shut in dark clos­ets to dis­ci­pline them.

Chil­dren are nev­er allowed to get ‘messy’, be it jump­ing in pud­dles, get­ting mud­dy or even play­ing with soap bub­bles in the kitchen sink.

Babies are left to cry because “it’s good for their lungs”.

Babies spend their days sit­ting in jig­gling baby seats or lying in playpens for their first 6 months and their legs end up like jel­ly, no mus­cle tone whatsoever!

Tod­dlers left with ‘caregivers’ (what an oxy­moron­ic term in sit­u­a­tions like this!) who say “she won’t let me change her nap­py (diaper)”.

Swim­ming pools with ‘green’ water – NOT just for Halloween!!

Tod­dlers called ‘Rat Bag’, instead of their real name, all year round.

Chil­dren under age 3 watch­ing scary ‘all ages’ car­toon movies through­out the year.

Par­ents who won’t take their tod­dlers to the park because of their own germ phobia.

A young teenag­er is sent to camp with beads instead of his Rital­in in the med­i­cine bottle!

Teach­ers who fake sci­ence project results.

Any­one who sends a 7 year old to board­ing school for any reason!

Any child left with any care­giv­er (even a par­ent) who doesn’t talk to the child!

Babies with flat head syn­drome who have spent too much time lying and sleep­ing on their backs.

The most hor­rif­ic aspect of all these scary hap­pen­ings is that they have all occurred in the last half of the 20th Cen­tu­ry and in the first 7 years of the 21st Century!

Aren’t we sup­posed to be more enlightened?

I’m aghast at the hor­ror of it all.